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Lessons Learned

Over the course of the past year, here are some of the lessons we've learned:

"We really do need a light on the robot. Glad we had it with us!"
A cute clover :)"When well under the 120 lb. weight limit a robot can scoot around pretty quickly, but when push comes to shove, weight is helpful."
"Sheet metal is easily mangled in an aggressive battle to herd stuffed bunnies."
A cute clover :) "Judging by the smiles and high fives, win or lose, it's a lot of fun to ally with other robotics teams and zip around a field of obstacles while collecting bunnies and shooting Nerf darts."
"There are 101 different ways to make this work. We just need to pick one and get busy!"

"Due to circumstances beyond [my] control, this whole [video] from download through tutorials to rendering the final animation had to be done in approximately eleven hours. I had never touched the Autodesk Maya software involved before, so there was a steep learning curve involved. All things considered I would say it turned out fairly well." ~ Tyler, of Team 3674