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Febuary 2012 ~ Build Season

Robots in the Rebound Rumble were designed to shoot Nerf basketballs, drive over a hump in the field, and traverse a balance board. Especially well designed robots were able to maintain a level balance board while sharing it with other robots. And there was a Microsoft Kinect component to this year's competition.

Images from the build season

January 2012 ~ Kick-off Event at Evergreen High School

On January 7th, at a bright and early 6:30 AM PST, the FIRST Robotics Competition Kick-Off took place all across the nation. Our FRC team met with others in the Portland metropolitan area to learn about this year's theme: Rebound Rumble. So begins the build season. Six intense weeks of brainstorming, designing, building, testing, and repeat.

Images from the kick-off

December 2011 ~ Bunny Bot

Bunny Bot was a fun, informal robotics competition held at the end of the year. It was a great opportunity to practice building and working as a team, before the new season kicks off in January 2012. The CloverBots made a good showing at Bunny Bot. We came in 4th out of 23 teams, and were chosen to be in an alliance for the final match.

Many thanks to Catlin Gable School for hosting.

Images of the team participating in the Bunny Bot competition 2011

August 2011 ~ Clark County Fair

A photo of the robot ready to shoot Nerf darts at the Clark County Fair

4-H entries at the fair aren't just livestock . Our robot fits in the technology division. We won two awards at the Clark County Fair: Special Award Educational Exhibit and Superintendent's Choice.

May 2011 ~ Oregon State University

A photo of our team participating in OSU's scrimage event

OSU sponsored an event in the off-season. It was a good opportunity for a scrimmage and a tour of the campus.

March 2011 ~ Autodesk Regionals

Autodesk sponsored the Regional FIRST Robotics Competition at the Coliseum in Portland, OR. The CloverBots earned the Inspirational Rookie Award.